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Pharmagel Complexe Eye Firme Firming Eye Gel 1 fl oz

Pharmagel Eye Firme 1 fl oz

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Pharmagel Complexe Eye Firme Firming Eye Gel 1 fl oz

Product Classification:
Complexe Eye Firme®, an anti-aging eye treatment in gel form, contains an infusion of anti-inflammatory, toning, nourishing and firming properties which strengthen the delicate eye area tissue. This enriched antioxidant formula of Vitamins C, E and A stimulates collagen formation and reverses noticeable signs of aging as it lifts and smoothes eye contours. As circulation increases, the appearance of dark circles, eye area wrinkles & sagging tissue diminish.

Method of Use:
Gently pat Complexe Eye Firme® around eye contours AM & PM.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin C -Used as an anti-oxidant to aid in firming and toning. Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) -Used as a primary anti-oxidant to aid in firming and toning. Vitamin B (Panthenol) - Primary anti-oxidant to reverse visible signs of aging. Allantoin -A primary anti-inflammatory used for soothing. Mica -Acts as a light diffuser by reflecting light sources. Calendula Extract -This ingredient has a proven calming effect on the skin. Coneflower Extract - Antiinflammatory used to sooth irritated and damaged skin.

Vitamin C supports cellular renewal & production of collagen (the skins major structural support).

Smoking encourages crow’s feet. Each cigarette uses up 25mg of Vitamin C in the dermis.

Panthenol is a stable form of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B Group). It is necessary for the normal functioning of the skin. Panthenol promotes the regeneration of damaged skin.

Allantoin helps the healing of wounds and skin conditions. Helpful for: bites and stings, bruises, inflamed tissue, dermatitis, dry skin, psoriasis, skin rashes and sunburn.

Coneflower stimulates white blood cells. Enhances immune and lymphatic system.