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OPI Nicki Minaj Save Me

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OPI Nicki Minaj Save Me Nail Polish


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‘Save Me’ is one of the most totally unique 3D lacquers I’ve seen!  A clear suspension-thick base, loaded with very fine silver micro glitter and holographic bar glitter pieces, it’s rather a chameleon-like shade; with one coat, you achieve a subtle and almost ladylike glow (a look I really loved, by the way).  At two coats, while certainly denser in appearance, the bling factor was still behaving itself – but at three coats (which I applied here), it almost defies description! As the bar glitter can have a tendency to want to wander, I would advise you to wait at least a couple of minutes between coats to avoid any clumping and the straying of any pieces that may be along the nail edge, easily nudged back in line to avoid overhang. Bonus: surprisingly easy removal…a plus!