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Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus – ¼ oz.

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Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus – ¼ oz.

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Formula #2 Plus is slightly stronger than Formula #2. It is not a formula to begin treatment with and should only be used if the Formula #2 has been used for one month without color polish and no results have been achieved. As the nail responds to Formula #2 Plus, Formula #2 should be used. When beginning treatment, apply one coat daily without color polish. As the nail condition improves, decrease application to every other day. As good results are achieved, gradually go back to Formula #2. Use Formula #2 Plus as a base coat and Formula #2 as a top coat the next day. Continue this until Formula #2 Plus is complete or until the nails are firm. Use caution not to allow the nails to become too hard. Once the nails have improved there is no need to use Formula #2 Plus again. Color polish may be used when using this formula, but nails will improve faster without. A common reason for not achieving results is a dryness within the nail. It the nail seems to be lacking moisture, Nailtiques Oil Therapy should be used to nourish the nail and restore moisture.