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Mehron Aura Bronzing Gel

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A unique,  lightweight bronzing  gel for all over body coverage,  gives skin a beautiful,  even natural-looking glow, mimics  the look of a day in the sun  without the  damaging effects, provides soothing comfort, and  ease of  application.


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A unique,  lightweight bronzing  gel for all over body coverage,  gives skin a beautiful,  even natural-looking glow, mimics  the look of a day in the sun  without the  damaging effects, provides soothing comfort, and  ease of  application. Contains  a "super-hydrating/skin-smoothing" extract blend of  Lemongrass,  Ginseng, Chamomile, Comfrey,   Cucumber , Aloe Vera gel, and  Japanese Green Tea, plus a  generous helping of golden-bronze shimmer.   Use alone or  mix in foundation for a natural, radiant glow.  Compliments all skin tones. Oil-free and Paraben-free.  1 fl. oz. (30ml)