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Longcils Boncza – Tonicils Actif – Gel

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Longcils Boncza – Tonicils Actif – Gel
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Tonicils Actif Eyelash Strengthening Treatment Gel nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes making them stronger and thicker and more brilliant. Tonicils Actif is a unique transparent gel which helps the eyelashes to grow. It enables a quick and easy application of make-up. Applied before normal mascara, it enables the mascara to adhere better to the lashes. It accentuates the color of the mascara and gives a natural look. The brush with clear mascara glides smoothly over the eyelashes. Tonicils Actif is made of natural ingredients : Tri-Vitamin complex based on D-Panthénol 2%, Vitamin F 2% and capilectine 3%, resin, silk proteins, and oligo proteins.