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Fa Shower Gel 8.4oz – Rose & Passion Flower

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Fa Shower Gel 8.4oz – Rose & Passion Flower

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Fa Shower Gel 8.4oz – Rose & Passion Flower

Discover the invigorating freshness of Fa Shower Gel, a unique combination of gentle cleansing, activating freshness and inspiring fragrance for an overall wellbeing. Active ingredients for refreshed and smooth skin - Fa's unique formulation actively maintains the moisture of the skin, leaving your skin tangibly smooth and vitalized. The unique showering experience with rose extract and care vitamin refreshes your body and provides you with a gentle skin feeling. The crystal clear gel formula with rose extract refreshes the body and soul and provides you with a pure and gentle skin sensation. The scent of natural rose and passion flower revitalizes your senses.

Fa Shower Gel 8.4oz – Rose & Passion Flower Review

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Mayumi Squalane: One of the best skin lotion on the market! 7 Oils promote calming, soothing, and moisturizing at cellular levels. Skin will absorb quickly without leaving or feeling an oily film. Contains, Squalane (Olive and Sugar Cane), Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, Hi-Vitamin A, C & E, Panthenol Allantoin, Beta Glutan. 

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