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Denman Popper Brush D7

Denman D7 Popper Brush

*Available in Blue, Silver, Purple and Red.

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Size does matter to girls that are real go-ers, and although big may be beautiful with some of our favorite tools, when it comes to handbags we all know it's the smaller the better! So, if you've ever tried shoe-horning a travel hairbrush into your Judith Leiber of an evening, you'll be clamoring for Denman's new Popper Brush, the mini-me of styling. No bigger than a designer compact, the Denman Popper comprises a decent size mirror for on-the-go touch ups and a nifty round brush, which retreats hedgehog style into a ball - it has to be seen to be believed! The ultimate styling companion for girls on the go, the Popper will fit into your life and your Seven jeans - with no unsightly bulges. It's perfect for multi-purpose styling and will suit all hair types, plus the smooth ball ended pins are perfect for a quickie scalp massage to soothe you wherever you need it! The Denman Popper Brush is available in 4 hot colors.