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Clear Hairpiece Tape 1/2" x 108" by Mr. "C"

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Hairpiece tape by Mr. "C" will keep your hairpiece on better and longer. This high quality clear hairpiece tape measures 1/2" wide and is a 9 foot roll. This special adhesive tape is easily removed and leaves no mess. Daily use, not permanent.


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Clear hairpiece tape for easy and secure toupee application.

Searching for a product to help secure your hairpiece with easy application? Mr. "C"'s 1/2" wide clear hairpiece tape will get the job done for daily use with your toupee or hairpiece system. Available in a 9 foot roll - approx. 108 inches. This hairpiece tape is approved by professional barbers, designed to be used daily. This tape goes on easily and you will be able to remove it gently and quickly without any mess.

Hairpiece tape features

  • Clear Tape
  • Roll is 1/2" wide and 9 feet long
  • Barber Tested and Recommended