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Brocato Constructor Deep Repair 8.5oz

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Constructor Deep Repair 8.5oz

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Brocato Constructor Deep Repair 8.5oz

Constructor (Reparative Treatment)
Constructor bonds to damaged areas to rebuild the hair shaft improving strength, shine and flexibility while adding nutrients. The versatility and unique foaming factor of constructor allows several different options for usage depending on the desired result. Blending it with a Brocato shampoo provides an exceptional conditioning cleanser. Constructor can be blended with any Brocato conditioner to boost efficacy. It can also be used before, during or after a perm to keep the hair from becoming dry or damaged. And of course, using Constructor alone, you will be provided with an outstanding protein treatment. Use weekly as a deep conditioning treatment. It can also be used during, or after a perm service to prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle or damaged.

Recommended for people who:
• Have chemically treated, damaged or permed hair
• Need a weekly protein treatment
• Need an exceptional conditioning cleanser