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Brocato Color Conditioner Chestnut 6oz

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Color Conditioner Chestnut 6oz

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Brocato Color Conditioner Chestnut 6oz

Conditions and improves the elasticity of the hair while evenly depositing soft chestnut color tones. This temporary color conditioner refreshes natural red, auburn and brunette tones and helps reduce fading associated with permanent hair color. Color effects will last through several shampoos. After shampooing use Brocato Red Color Conditioner just as you would any conditioner. Comb through, leave a few minutes and rinse until water runs completely clear. Use when your hair is faded, flat, dull or lacking in color and shine. This is the ideal solution for dull, faded red and auburn hair.

Recommended for people who:
• Desire a product that will enhance color while conditioning. Red will refresh color on any shade of red hair. A great refresher for tinted hair.
• Desire to preserve the tonal quality of their color.
• Want to add strength, moisture and elasticity to the hair.