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False Lashes, Fake Lashes, and more Lashes!


To start off I love mascara! Most times I’m in a rush and don’t have time to apply mascara on my natural eyelashes. So I will tell you what I do to get a natural fast look under 5 minutes! First of all, there are two brands that are absolutely…

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How to enhance your look with Ardell Eyelashes


Today it is all about how you can achieve a natural look with Ardell Eyelashes! I have always wanted to have that glamorous yet natural look and I have finally found a product. I was not blessed with beautiful long lashes like my sister Yvette, so I decided to try…

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How to Get the Kim Kardashian Look with False Eyelashes


Ever wonder why Kim Kardashian’s eyes look extra stunning? Well, to start, she is blessed with beautiful big sexy eyes and her makeup artist Mario D., enhances her look by using Ardell Demi Wispies! False eyelashes can dress up any look in minutes. Here is Kim’s recent picture from her instagram:…

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Getting to know us!

Getting to know our new site a little better… We launched our new website less than a week ago, and have received a huge response from our customers.  We are working very hard to get all of our products up on the new site and appreciate all of your feedback….

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