Summer Tip: How to tan dark and not orange?

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is prepping up to obtain that luscious golden glow. Dark golden, not orange golden that is. With so many products out on the market it is extremely difficult to know which tanning product would work best. Our favorite line of tanning products is Fake Bake! This tanning brand contains high quality ingredients that give your skin a radiant glow and amazing results.

So the secret to NOT tanning orange is simple: its all in the technique and your ingredients. Make sure that when you are applying the product you cover all areas and massage it in circular motions to avoid any excess. Apply it from a bit of a distance so that the darkening spray flows naturally all over your body or the area you want to shine the most. Another important tip on how to avoid the orange tan color is to pick high quality tanning products. From what we learned Fake Bake is a high quality product with an exclusive formula that leaves a natural sun kissed look.

Fake Bake is #1 rating as Best Self-Tanner and has appeared in multiple well known magazines worldwide. These tanning products contain botanically extracted ingredients, organic color pigment, and have no preservatives. Fake Bake is eminently successful due to its exclusive formula that contains high percentages of two tanning agents, DHA and Erythrulose. These active ingredients get absorbed within deeper layers of the skin and bond with your skin’s pigment.

My two top favorite products from Fake Bake are the Original Self-Tan Lotion and the Airbrush. I love the lotion because it provides rich moisture that dramatically softens my skin and it leaves a deep longer lasting tan. The Airbrush is perfect for hard to reach areas and can be used at any angle on the body. It is fast drying, will last for days, and will not show up on pores. The best part is that it looks natural NOT orange! Fake Bake will give you excellent results! I highly recommend it! Thank you and please feel free to ask questions or share your experiences. See you next time!


Maricela Reyes

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