Smoothies all around! Makeup Blender tool by Mehron

Every makeup junkie and Youtube Beauty Guru is well informed about the Beauty Blender, $19.95 (the little hot pink egg shaped reusable sponge used for applying foundation makeup, concealer, and cream makeup) developed by two pro makeup-artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz but…Mehron Cosmetics, $8.95 just released their version of the sponge – the Face Smoothie Sponge and it definitely stands up to the Beauty Blender.


The shape of the Mehron Face Smoothie blender is different with its indented oval shape, making it much easier to hold, roll, and stipple when you are apply foundation or any other cream based makeup.  The Beauty Blender is not as easy to hold and maneuver on the face.

The sponges are used in the same way, as described below:

1.    Use a clean sponge

2.     Immerse in water

3.     Squeeze all excesses water and then wrap with a paper towel, leaving your blending sponge damp but not soaking with water.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE THIS SPONGE WHEN IT IS DAMP, IT WILL MAKE THE APPLICATION PROCESS MUCH EASIER and GIVE AN AIRBRUSHED LOOK.

4.      Dab into your foundation, or cream makeup and start stippling motion on your face, use the pointed tip for smaller areas like under the eye and around the nose.  Use the base of the blender for large areas, like the cheeks and the forehead.

5.      Wash out your blending sponge after every use to for good hygiene and to prolong the life of your sponge.

6.      Let dry for next day!

The Face Smoothie blender is a little denser to the touch which helps for more control when you use it with your cream based makeup.  We are in love with the Face Smoothie tool because it is great for travel, use at home, and will give you the airbrushed look you always wanted but, at half the price of the beauty blender!  Having this reusable blending tool at home or in your kit is great for switching off from your traditional makeup brushes.  Check out Mehron Cosmetics for their full line of makeup –reasonably priced for the quality and amount of product you get!


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