Sebastian Shaper Hairspray – Quick Review

Hair adds beauty to a face, so style it with Sebastian Shaper  Hairspray! This is one of the greatest hairsprays I have come across. I use to use Aussie Opposites Attract Hairspray only because it smells great! Don’t let the smell fool you! I was hardly satisfied when I would apply the Aussie hairspray to my hair when I would go out. What is the point of it smelling good when it doesn’t hold 100%?

Ask me about the Sebastian Shaper  Hairspray, now this product is my favorite! It provides 24 hour control, never stiff or sticky, and holds in high humidity. I absolutely love this hair spray for the fact being that it does not leave my hair flakey. I like to apply hair spray to my hair after I’m done curling it only because I don’t like my hair looking dried. I expected for my curls to get super hard and stiff, but it was the opposite. My hair looked great and was neither stiff nor sticky. The best part of this hairspray is that it is brush-able! After I apply hairspray I’m still able to style my hair and move it around and never get that snowy look on my head like if I were a Christmas tree . I definitely recommend the Sebastian Shaper Hairspray.


Want a good look? Here is a tip: Don’t spray directly to the hair. You’re going to want to spray your hair evenly so therefore, spray 12 inches away from your hair.

Yvette Reyes

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