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I recently realized that it is not fair to own a beauty supply store and not have manicured nails and toes at all times.  It just isn’t right so, I took a recommendation from my best friend, S, and made an appointment at Pampered Hands in LA for a gel/acrylic manicure.

I am not a big fan of acrylic nails, but, for me it is a good thing because I am constantly washing dishes, cleaning, and I have my hands in water all the time.  It keeps the nails from chipping and now I feel like I am superwoman — ready to conquer any chore!  My new manicurist, Lily, at Pampered Hands is a genius and was able to shape the tips to look the same as my natural nails.  I am in love!  Can’t wait for my next appointment. I am hooked!

My first set was a light pink color but, 1/2 through my 1st week I was itching for something more serious. Something like Ruby Pumps from China Glaze.  Ruby Pumps- #182 color is the most amazing sparkly-red nail polish EVER – Plus it reminds me of a color my grandmother used to wear ALL the time.

This red nail polish on the nails is classic and beautiful and works with everything, this color is just so gorgeous. I get so many compliments when I wear it…it makes me so happy and it will make you happy too! (Ruby Pumps – China Glaze, $5.25) available now at www.ballbeauty.com

Ruby Pumps – China Glaze

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