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OPI Classic Collection Review

Who is ready to receive the best compliments for the Holidays? Me! Who wants a boring holiday season? Not me! The classics are back for the Holidays and I’m excited! Seems like the Red is the best color nail polish you can wear this time around the year. One of…

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Essie Nail Polish vs OPI Nail Polish

I love nail polish! What do you prefer to polish your nails with? I prefer to polish mine with Essie. You are probably wondering why I love Essie nail polish more than OPI nail polish. They are both fantastic brands, both carry extremely nice colors, and both on the expensive…

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The Irresistible Nail Polish by Essie

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Polish Color

Who doesn’t love a great manicure pedicure every now and then? What makes a great manicure even better… using a high quality product like Essie. Nail bloggers, beauty editors, and girls around the world agree that Essie nail polish is a tried and true brand. We love the quality and…

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Rachel wears Ruby Pumps- A Review of Ruby Pumps nail polish | China Glaze

I recently realized that it is not fair to own a beauty supply store and not have manicured nails and toes at all times.  It just isn’t right so, I took a recommendation from my best friend, S, and made an appointment at Pampered Hands in LA for a gel/acrylic…

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