Marvis Toothpaste, not just another product in a pretty package!

Not just another product in a pretty package….Here is the deal with Marvis toothpaste from Italy….
If you are looking to change your daily routine without breaking the bank…try the Marvis toothpaste line from Italy ($10.50-$13.50, Marvis Toothpaste at
We sampled the classic mint flavor and were more than impressed!  Using this toothpaste along with your favorite manual apparatus or electric brush and floss will provide an experience of a flavorful explosion in your mouth…and now you will look forward to brushing twice a day!
This is something that a generic brand cannot give no matter the hype. A small inexpensive change to your daily oral hygiene routine can produce an enormous amount of daily dividends.  We currently carry the following flavors: Aquatic Mint, Classic Mint and Whitening Mint.
Try it today!  Use the code MARVIS10 when you check out for a 10% discount!
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