Lip Lift Service – Frownies New Gentle Lifts Wrinkle Reversal Patch

Frownies New Gentle Lifts Wrinkle Reversal Patch
We are happy to announce a new item from Frownies, Gentle Lifts- Lip Treatment that will help to reduce smokers lines, lipstick lines, vertical lines, and any other line around the mouth area.
Frownies Gentle Lifts are a self-adhesive patch made of a band-aid type fabric with a soft cotton edge.  They come 60 to a box and are REUSABLE! With frownies you really can’t go wrong and now, you won’t have to cut your traditional Frownies Facial Patches to fit your upper/lower lip area.  Wear these frownies 3 hours at a time or preferably every night for a month and then every other night to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
New at, Special Introductory price $ 22.95 with Free Shipping!!
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