Kneipp Herbal Bath – You don’t have to know German to know the best in Herbal Bath Products!

We have carried Kneipp products (Kneipp products, $3.50-$129.95 at for many years but, recently decided to try a few of the products in the line and post how we really felt.  We tried theMint & Eucalyptus Herbal Body Wash.
For the body wash, dab a small amount (size of a quarter) on your wash cloth and began your normal routine in the shower. The bubbling lather is so refreshing and invigorating, the scent of the combination was so exciting that it reminded me of a cool fall morning hike in the Alps.
After using the product for over 6 weeks, the results have been nothing short of a miracle. The skin has become much smoother and more appealing. The lingering scent provides refreshment to the senses. Your body feels re-energized each and every time the product is used.
When a company (started by a monk to self heal) is still in business since the 1800’s makes  products it is because of the extra ordinary qualities.
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