KMS Hair Play Molding Paste Review

Every time I wash my hair and I finish drying it, it ends up looking like a lion! I was researching online to see what would work best for me and came across KMS Hair Play Molding Paste. When I read the words Molding and Paste I said to myself, “there is no way I’m going to try this product”. I thought it would make my hair look oily and just feel nasty, but I was so wrong.

KMS Hair Play Molding Paste has been the best paste I’ve used on my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair oily; it actually gives my hair a natural fresh look. I love to use this product when I put my hair up in a bun. My hair looks wet when it’s actually dried. It smells so good! The bottle size is good and will last about 6 months. You can apply while your hair is dried to add definition.  I personally don’t like that look, so I apply after I wash my hair. I definitely recommend this product if you want a natural look or simply if you’re in a rush and have no time to fix your hair; this is the product to use.

I also wanted to mention KMS has other different hair products, it’s too many to mention so I’ll mention three: gel wax, makeover spray, and add volume.

I hope me sharing my experience with you is helpful and are able to make the right choice for you. See you soon! XOXO



Yvette Reyes

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