How to get healthy hair with just a brush!

Why a Mason Pearson brush? It is kind to use and massages the scalp! The unique rubber-cushion pad allows for effective and efficient brushing.  These brushes are absolutely amazing! I think it is so cool that most of these brushes are hand made and what they can’t finish by hand they finish by using techniques pioneered and patented by the founder Mason Pearson.

Let me tell you a little about this product. It was founded by Mason Pearson over 100 years ago! How awesome is that? These brushes have been going from generation to generation and each time improving with their quality. I think it’s so cool that Mason Pearson has a brush for every type of hair. I have medium, long thick hair so the brush I would use would be Boar Bristle & Nylon tufts. My hair is normal thick, not extremely thick. If your hair is really thick, then the brush for you would be Nylon tufts.

Beautify your hair with this tip: Brush your hair every morning and night to distribute the oils that accumulate on your scalp. This will also help you create stimulation at the scalp which creates circulation and circulation improves growth!

Yvette Reyes

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