Gabel’s Cocoa Butter – Quick Review

Let me start by saying that Gabel’s Cocoa Butter is made with riches of all organic butters. This product works to soften and moisturize rough, dry skin.  It helps you prevent from getting stretch marks, age lines, and scaring from cuts and burns. This Cocoa Butter is the best so far! I’ve tried Palmers Cocoa Butter and it works perfectly well, but it does not show results as fast as Gabel’s Cocoa Butter. They are both inexpensive. The only difference is that Gabel’s Cocoa Butter shows faster results and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter takes about 8 days to see results.

My experience with Palmer’s Cocoa butter was great, I loved it! It helped so much moisturizing my body. I applied it all over my body every single day as if it were a body lotion. It helped a lot; my body was very soft and looked moisturized. I ran out and stopped using it. I recently found Gabel’s Cocoa butter and decided to try it out because I noticed I was getting two stretch marks on my stomach. I have been applying Gabel’s Cocoa Butter and no joke in 3 days I saw results. You can’t really see them anymore. I’m so happy I found this product! I will definitely recommend Gabel’s Cocoa Butter for fast results.

I hope my experience helps you make the right choice for you. Gabel’s Cocoa Butter definitely works for stretch marks, moisturizing the skin, and scars!

Buttery tip: Apply twice a day. I apply it morning and night for fast results.

Yvette Reyes

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