False Lashes, Fake Lashes, and more Lashes!

To start off I love mascara! Most times I’m in a rush and don’t have time to apply mascara on my natural eyelashes. So I will tell you what I do to get a natural fast look under 5 minutes! First of all, there are two brands that are absolutely great! I’ll start off with Ardell lashes. Ardell lashes are light weight, reusable, and easy to apply. They are really comfortable to wear and they are made from sterilized, 100% human hair. Ardell has 29 different styles of lashes! My favorite is the Ardell 118 Black lashes. These lashes are great to use anytime of the day or a special occasion.  The only problem is that you cannot wash them. It’s best to take them off before you shower or before you wash off your face at night. The first time I wore these lashes I showered with them and it was a mess. A few lashes came off the strip and some were stuck together. So DO NOT shower with them.

ardell18Ardell 118 Black Lashes 

Moving on to Eylure lashes. My favorite from this brand is the Eylure Naturalites 101 False Eyelashes. These lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. I can also wear these for any occasion. They are easy to apply and the best part is that the glue is included. They are also reusable, but do not wash them. I don’t apply any mascara on the lashes because I don’t want them to start looking all clumpy. All I do so my natural lashes blend in with the fake lashes are curl them with an eyelash curler and you are ready to go.

Eylure101 Eylure Naturalites 101 False Eyelashes

So this was my experience with Ardell Lashes and Eylure Lashes! Hope you found my experience helpful. Let me know what your favorite lashes are!

Lash tip: Whatever you do, DO NOT let the Ardell LashTite Adhesive Clear Glue in your eye! It will burn!! Also take the lashes off gently with an eyelash remover so you don’t pull your real lashes off.

Yvette Reyes

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