Essie Nail Polish vs OPI Nail Polish

I love nail polish! What do you prefer to polish your nails with? I prefer to polish mine with Essie. You are probably wondering why I love Essie nail polish more than OPI nail polish. They are both fantastic brands, both carry extremely nice colors, and both on the expensive side. I own both brands and I still use them both. I change my nail polish color every week. I hope I’m not the only one who does this.


I chose Essie over OPI because I can paint my nails over and over and will not see any streak. They are so shiny as if I would have applied a top coat polish. Every time I wear Essie on my nails people ask me if I have gel nails on, that’s how pretty they look. They are also chip-resistant and feel very soft when you’re all done. I definitely recommend Essie.


On the other hand,  OPI is also great, but I notice that the nail polish starts to chip after a few days.  They have beautiful dark colors which I love, but they start to chip quick. I love that the brush is wide, that really helps! I would recommend OPI only if you will have it on for about a day or two. But other than that, Essie is the best!


Tips for smooth look: You want to apply a base coat before applying any nail polish color to your nails. This will help protect your nail from turning yellow when using different brand name of nail polish. Also apply a top coat to make your nails shine bright like a diamond.

Yvette Reyes

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