Cinema Secrets vs Parian Spirit

Cinema Secrets is one of the most popular cleaning brush product professionals rely on. They rely on this product for its quick-drying formula to clean, sanitize, and leave tools with a pleasant smell.  You’re able to use this product for natural or synthetic Bristles. It works immediately dissolving the wax, liquid, and powder residue from brushes, spatulas, and palettes.

cinema secrets

I first started using Cinema Secrets to clean my brushes because it works extremely well! It helps my brushes stay clean and conditions the bristles to extend brush life. This works really well. It was my favorite until I came across Parian Spirit.


Parian Spirit contains natural citrus oils that condition the bristles. This cleanser works very well that it takes out the eyelash glue from the brush! Not only does it work well, it smells really good! I actually like the smell better than the Cinema Secrets. They both work really well, I love them both, but I prefer Parian Spirit over Cinema Secrets only because of its smell. The smell lasts about a week if not a little longer which is great! I definitely recommend this one!

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Tip of the day:  To prevent breakouts and keeping your brushes in great condition, clean brushes after every use! You want to spray the brush a few times and clean it with a clean paper towel or clean cloth. 

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