Barber Shop Shave at Home with Proraso Shave Cream


If you are looking for shaving products that will give you a barber shop experience at home at half the cost…look no further.  Proraso shaving products are new to our new to our site but, this line has been around since 1926.

Proraso shaving products from Italy make a great gift for any special guy in your life.

Always begin shaving by laying out everything you need for a pleasurable experience.

After rinsing your face with cool water and ABSOLUTELY no soap, (it has a tendency to dry the skin).
Apply the PRORASO PRE SHAVE and gently massaged it into your skin until it was all absorbed.
As soon as the Pre shave is applied to the skin you can FEEL the main ingredients at work (menthol & eucalyptus).
Cool & refreshing.

Wet your face again and apply a SMALL amount of the PRORASO Shaving Cream to the face with a badger shaving brush and massage.  WAIT 2 minutes before you begin the shaving process. Shave as your normally do (about 20 minutes). Remember shaving is a pleasurable experience not a foot race. Relax & Enjoy.

After completion of the shaving process when your face is completely dry re-apply a SMALL amount of the PRORASO PRE SHAVE (size of a quarter in the palm of the hand) let it absorb completely.

You have done it. You have just experienced a Barber Shop Quality shave at home with  products made in Florence, Italy since 1926.
The shave is so good you might want to consider erecting a Barber’s Pole outside your Bathroom.

Happy Shaving!

($9-$16, Proraso Shaving Products at

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