Ball Beauty Loves Bearded Men…and Men with Mustaches, too!

Full Beards, half Beards, mustaches and more…we got to see it all at the 1st annual Northern Los Angeles Beard and Mustache competition, held this past Sunday, August 14, 2011 at the Federal Bar in NoHo.  Check out the winners of all 5 categories of the competition on the official LANBMC website! We especially loved the guys that dressed up as historical figures like Honest Abe and the Civil War solider!

Several months ago, John Myatt and Jeffery Mustache from the group dropped by our store for some clubman wax and we got to talking about men with facial hair. They mentioned the club and the LA competition in the works and we asked if we could be a part of it somehow…we were very happy to sponsor the event and in the process we learned so much more about men’s grooming, products and tools that we are now seeking out even more amazing products to stock at the store and online.

We are extending our 5% off sale from the competition for all Clubman products from the weekend until the end of the month! So, please take advantage of this sale online or stop by our store to say hi and pick up some great grooming items.  Use CLUBMAN5 when you check out!

The event was a success and we hope to see everyone again at the 2nd annual Northern Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition next year.

Happy Bearding….


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