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Beleza Collagen Complex Natural Beauty Cream 4oz

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Purest, Natural High Protein Formula

Rich, Pure, Natural & Fragrance Free High Protein Formula

Based on 100% pure organics. No drugs, waxes, emulsifiers, thickeners, or preservatives.

Sources of Protein: Minerals, Vegetables, Sea Vegetation, Specially Processed Pure Lanolin, Olive Oil, Honey, Tincture from Tragagan Gum.

Extra Potency protiens and vitamins added.

... and Beleza leaves out what your skin doesn't want, so it's pure and fragrance free.


How old you are is your business,

How young you look is ours.


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Beleza Collagen Complex + Vitamins A, E, D, C + Calcium

(Use for skin firming and tightening)

Resore smoothness and softness to your aging skin with BELEZA Collagen Complex Skin Cream.  As you grow older, the elastic and natural collagen in your skin shrinks and causes your skin to sag and become wrinkled and old looking.  Now you can apply this BELEZA cream and watch as your complexion drinks in this vital moisture and makes your skin feel reborn with new found softness and smoothness.  BELEZA combines italian skin care secrets with advanced research into collagen, the young skin protein.  And it's ready for your skin!